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Review of Dream Theater's album Scenes From A Memory.

June 2000, p. 117

9(/10) Dream Theater
Scenes From A Memory

Mike Portnoy (dr, perc, vcl), John Petrucci (gtr, vcl), Jordan Rudess (kybd), John Myung (bs), James LaBrie (vcl).

On this new release, Dream Theater gives their fans exactly what they want in the way of extended, melodic, and technically proficient epics. The music and lyrics flow seamlessly in the form of a theatrical play that's centered around a twisted love triangle revisited in a mysterious past life experience. (!) The songs are divided into two acts, with several scenes being played out in a very creative format. Portnoy is on fire throughout. Perhaps due to the rigorous schedule he's been keeping with Liquid Tension Experiment, clinics, and DT tours, his chops are raging here. On Scenes DT solidifies their reign of cutting edge progressive metal. And Portnoy's many inspiring talents continue to impress.


Mike Haid

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