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Review of Platypus' album Ice Cycles.

September 2000, Volume 24 Number 9, p. 116

8(/10) Platypus: Ice Cycles

Rod Morgenstein (dr), Derek Sherinian (kybd), Ty Tabor (vcl, gtr), John Myung (bs)

A gathering of progressive all-stars, Ice Cycles features strong melodic vocals from King's X's Ty Tabor along with John Myung (Dream Theater), Derek Sherinian (Planet X), and Rod Morgenstein (Dixie Dregs/Jazz is Dead). Morgenstein displays a perfect blend of progressive chops and pop/rock sensibility here. When it's time to cut loose - as on "25" - Rod unleashes his arsenal of odd-meter patterns with a serious rock attitude. This group could easily cross over to the pop/rock market if corporate ears were willing to listen. (Inside Out Music America/

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