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Progressive Drum Concepts
Review from Percussive Notes, December 1997, page 70.

Progressive Drum Concepts
Mike Portnoy
Warner Bros. Publications

Mike Portnoy, the drummer in the heavy metal band Dream Theater, has put together an informative instructional video that will appeal to anyone interested in the progressive metal drumming style. Portnoy begins by presenting exercises for developing double bass drum technique. He demonstrates how he has used these techniques in time playing and fills. The rest of the video is devoted to analysis of drum parts from Dream Theater recordings. Portnoy, in his relaxed, casual style, breaks down many of his complex rhythmic patterns, most of which are in odd meters, and explains how he originally conceived them and how they fit into the music of Dream Theater. The accompanying booklet provides notated examples of everything performed on the video. At several points Portnoy is joined by Dream Theater bassist John Myung and keyboard player Derek Sherinian. This is a good video that will inspire students to think and play more creatively.

-Tom Morgan

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