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Equipment Diagram
from Bass Player, April 1998

John Myung of Dream Theater

John Myung has three instruments onstage: a prototype Signature Series Yamaha 6-string (see "Building a Dream Bass"), a fretless Yamaha TRB6, and a Chapman Stick. He selects these via a custom-built noise gate, which is essentially a Boss NS-2 in a rackmount case. He has three pedals onstage; one controls his Rocktron Rack Interface, one controls a VCA for volume, and one uses MIDI to control on of his two MESA/Boogie Triaxis preamps. One Tri-Axis provides his clean sound and his monitor signal, while the other is for high gain or dirty tones. His strings are D'Addarios, custom gauges 0.032-0.130. (Thanks to John's tech, Mark Snyder, for help with the signal chain.)

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