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This could take a while. I am going to break this up into a number of pages soon.

Concert at Pordenone, Italy, 2 April, 1998:

Concert at Rockefeller, Oslo, Norway, 1995:

Some Promo photos:

Concert at Manchester, UK, 04-11-1998:

Pictures from Young Guitar magazine:

From concert at Pordenone, Italy, 04-02-1998:

Hampton Beach, 4 August 1998:

Ronnie Scott's Uncovered Gig:

Autographed "When Day and Dream Unite" Booklet:

From Sao Paulo, 09-12-1997, by Elder Luis Bernardinelli:

From Touring Into Infinity '97-'98 (by Choon-Kang). The Chapman Stick!!:

Most of these photos were found on or through Under a Cyber Moon. Once again big thanks to them.

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