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The Unofficial John Myung Page

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NEWUPDATE: The Equipment section has been siginificantly updated. Check it out! Also, there have been a number of reviews added to the Articles section, for those wanting to know more about Dream Theater's albums.
UPDATE: TBOAD now has a GUESTBOOK! Please leave a message when you visit!

NEWS: A new Dream Theater disc was recently released. The single "Through Her Eyes" also contains two tracks recorded on November, 1999 in Brussels, Belgium.

NEWS: The newest Platypus album, "Ice Cycles", is now available in the USA! It was released on March 14th, 2000, on Inside Out Music America. For European fans, the album hit the shelves on February 28th, 2000. Pick it up!
Inside Out has info, graphics, and sound files available on their homepage

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Want to hear John playing? SOUND FILES here.
Lots of BASS TAB of John's music!
Read some ARTICLES on John, his instruments and his playing.
See some PHOTOS of John and his basses here.
Info on John's INSTRUMENTS and equipment.
See John Myung's DISCOGRAPHY/Videography.
Read some LYRICS written by John Myung.
Visit the GUESTBOOK.

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Dream Theater - Under A Cyber Moon Much thanks to "Under a Cyber Moon" for their excellent resources. Lots of what is found here comes from them.

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