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From Magna Carta

Date: 28 October 2001

Raising The Mammoth

See the cover artwork.

1) Raising The Mammoth 1
(part one) Passage To Paralysis
(part two) Broad Decay
(part three) Vertebrates

2) Raising The Mammoth 2 (Prog-O-Matic)
Gigantipithicus (instrumental)

Produced By Trent Gardner
Mixed By Terry Brown

Drums: Terry Bozzio
Bass: John Myung
Guitar: Kerry Livgren
Guitar: Marty Friedman
Guitar: Gary Wehrkamp
Keyboards: Trent Gardner
Keyboards: Mark Robertson
Vocals: Steve Walsh
Vocals: James LaBrie
Vocals: Trent Gardner

Additional Guitar: Jeff Curtis
Additional Bass: Hal 'Stringfellow' Imbrie

A Note From Trent Gardner:

Hello Everyone,

Over the past few years I have been a very fortunate musician. This album contains yet another 'musical experiment' made possible by the patience and intestinal fortitude of Pete Morticelli & Mike Varney. I can't think of anything more challenging yet rewarding for a writer and producer. I anticipate more of these unlikely experiments.With the "Raising The Mammoth" player line-up, I have rediscovered how many endless combinations of 'those mysterious 12 notes' are still left -and more importantly, how many I still don't Any cliche about needing more time will do. Prog on.

From: Magna Carta

Date: 1 September 2001

News: John Myung to appear on Explorer's Club 2

Explorers Club 2 ("Raising The Mammoth") update

"Explorers Club - "Raising The Mammoth" - In addition to finishing up the ambitious "Leonardo" project and the fourth Magellan album, Trent Gardner is working on material for a new Explorers Club project. So far special guests include drummer Terry Bozzio and Dream Theater bassist John Myung. Terry has just finished recording his drums at Ben Blank Audio in Texas. Terry Brown will be mixing the drums once he straightens out some major problems caused by the original recording engineer. For release August 7, 2001."

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