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Information from Magna Carta

Raising The Mammoth

See the cover artwork.

1) Raising The Mammoth 1
(part one) Passage To Paralysis
(part two) Broad Decay
(part three) Vertebrates

2) Raising The Mammoth 2 (Prog-O-Matic)
Gigantipithicus (instrumental)

Produced By Trent Gardner
Mixed By Terry Brown

Drums: Terry Bozzio
Bass: John Myung
Guitar: Kerry Livgren
Guitar: Marty Friedman
Guitar: Gary Wehrkamp
Keyboards: Trent Gardner
Keyboards: Mark Robertson
Vocals: Steve Walsh
Vocals: James LaBrie
Vocals: Trent Gardner

Additional Guitar: Jeff Curtis
Additional Bass: Hal 'Stringfellow' Imbrie

A Note From Trent Gardner:

Hello Everyone,

Over the past few years I have been a very fortunate musician. This album contains yet another 'musical experiment' made possible by the patience and intestinal fortitude of Pete Morticelli & Mike Varney. I can't think of anything more challenging yet rewarding for a writer and producer. I anticipate more of these unlikely experiments.With the "Raising The Mammoth" player line-up, I have rediscovered how many endless combinations of 'those mysterious 12 notes' are still left -and more importantly, how many I still don't Any cliche about needing more time will do. Prog on.

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