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Latest news on Platypus
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Last updated: 11-27-00

Platypus (made up of Ty Tabor, John Myung, Rod Morgenstein, and Derek Sherinian) has separated into two separate recording entities. Ty, Rod, and John will record an album as a three piece. (They are currently doing so in New York until December 10th.) There is no word yet as to what this new version of the band will be called but it will no longer be Platypus.

Ty Tabor will also record a new record with Derek Sherinian in January 2001. It is rumored that Gregg and Matt Bissonette will be joining them for the recording if scheduling works out.

Ty is also close to finishing his next solo record. Also, King's X will be back in the studio in February.

There are no final release dates decided on all of the previously mentioned projects but all are slated to be released in 2001.

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