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Sound Files of John's Bass Playing


OK, here's your chance to experience the magical music for yourself.
Click to download files in .wav format or .mp3 format.

Sundance solo bass instrumental Coming soon Coming soon Info
"Metropolis-Part I" bass solo Download (0.3 Mb) Download (98 kb)
"Scarred" intro Coming soon Coming soon
"New Millennium" intro Download (1.1 Mb) Download (484 Kb)
"Lines In The Sand" bass riff Download (86 kb) Download (29 kb)
"Dance Of Eternity" bass riff Coming soon Coming soon Info
"Better Left Unsaid" intro Download (950 kb) Download (115 kb) Info

Helpful info: Both types of files play the same sound. The wave files are bigger, which may be a concern for those with slower internet connections, but will play on applications included with Windows, such as the pleasant little "Sound Recorder". So, the mp3 files are smaller (quicker to download), but you will need a program like "WINAMP" to play them. Websites like are great places to find utilities like this.

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